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          2022-08-26 COVID-19 daily update (Aug. 25) COVID-19 daily update (Aug. 25) More
          2022-08-25 Luohu contributes to city's medical care with new medical lab Shenzhen Dian Huxin Medical Examination Lab, co-founded by Dian Diagnostics and Luohu Industrial Investment Company, opened on Aug 18. More
          2022-08-24 COVID-19 daily update (Aug. 24) COVID-19 daily update (Aug. 24) More
          2022-08-24 COVID-19 daily update (Aug. 23) COVID-19 daily update (Aug. 23) More
          2022-08-24 Luohu unveils infrastructure construction plan for future two years Luohu unveils infrastructure construction plan for future two years More
          2022-08-23 COVID-19 daily update (Aug. 22) COVID-19 daily update (Aug. 22) More
          2022-08-23 Luohu pilots China’s first smart supervision platform for government contracts Luohu has founded the country&#39;s first smart supervision platform for government contracts. More
          2022-08-22 Luohu improves services to attract talents Luohu talent work bureau unveiled its latest talent service system on Aug 17. More
          2022-08-19 COVID-19 daily update (Aug. 19) COVID-19 daily update (Aug. 19) More
          2022-08-19 COVID-19 daily update (Aug. 18) COVID-19 daily update (Aug. 18) More
          2022-08-19 Innovation a driver of Luohu’s integration into the Greater Bay Area Luohu’s development is increasingly being driven by innovation, as it strives to become an all-embracing hub for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. More
          2022-08-18 Cooperation with bank contributes to Luohu’s high-quality development Luohu and the Shenzhen branch of the China Development Bank signed a framework agreement to deepen their comprehensive strategic cooperation during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025). More
          2022-08-18 COVID-19 daily update (Aug. 17) COVID-19 daily update (Aug. 17) More
          2022-08-18 Luohu explores new land acquisition models in Caiwuwei renovation projects The renovation of Caiwuwei is key to the main economic corridor of Shennan East Road. More
          2022-08-16 COVID-19 daily update (Aug. 16) COVID-19 daily update (Aug. 16) More
          2022-08-16 Village in Luohu reflects Shenzhen’s progress China Media Group recently broadcast a documentary series on the enormous development of Huangbei village in Luohu. More
          2022-08-15 COVID-19 daily update (Aug. 14) COVID-19 daily update (Aug. 14) More
          2022-08-16 Luohu hosts fashion consumption festival to stimulate demand A night fashion consumption festival organize by the Luohu Commerce Bureau kicked off on Aug 11. More
          2022-08-14 COVID-19 daily update (Aug. 13) COVID-19 daily update (Aug. 13) More