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          Indoor venues reopened in parts of Luohu
          Indoor cultural and entertainment venues in Luohu, except those in the jurisdictions under the Liantang, Qingshuihe, Cuizhu, and Sungang sub-district offices, can reopen in an orderly way from Jan. 20, according to a notice the office ofthe COVID-19 prevention and control headquarters of Luohuissued on the night of Jan. 19.
          Luohu demarcates lockdown and control areas
          The office of the Luohu COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control headquarters issued its first notice this year on Jan. 11, restricting certain parts of the Qingshuihe sub-district as a lockdown area and area under strict control.
          TCM proves helpful in fight against COVID-19 epidemic
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          Latest guide on how to wear masks